Dubai South Run

10km  |  5km  |  2.5km

29 OCT 2021

7am Start

About the Race

Welcome Home Happiness….Welcome Home Fitness…Welcome To The City Of You! 

Get your running shoes on and join our exciting community run! 

The inaugural Dubai South Run is a community event that will put your new year’s resolutions to the test whilst also allowing you and your family to experience Dubai South’s growing community feel.

The exhilarating run welcomes all age categories and levels.  Whether you are a social, professional, junior or advanced runner, you are invited to compete in 2.5, 5, and 10-kilometre runs at Dubai South’s Residential District. Food and drinks will also be made available for the whole family to take part in the fun!

Get active, bring your loved ones along with you, and most of all have fun… We can’t wait to welcome you to The City Of You….

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COVID Procedures
  • Keep a 2m social distance at all times.
  • Wear a disposable mask till just before you start and once you finished.
  • Stay in the Race Village area till your distance is called to the start area.
  • No gatherings / hugging / touching / group photos etc.
  • Any participants not observing any of the above rules will be disqualified without a warning!
Entry Fee
  • Adults (19yrs & over):  AED150/-
  • Juniors (18yrs & under):  AED50/-
  • There is NO on the day registration.
  • Any participants cancelling their participation after the closing date or if the race sells out or who is a “no-show” on the day of the race will not receive a refund.
  • In the unfortunate event of the race having to have to be cancelled due to weather or venue issues, the credit / refund policy of online entries through online entry providers will apply or you can have your entry carried over to any other Super Sports organised race.

Entry Fee Includes

  • Electronic Timing
  • Race shirt
  • Finishers Medal
  • Muffin & fruit juice
  • Downloadable Certificate
  • Fruits and Refreshments
Race Pack Collection
  • On the Day Collection
    • On the morning of the race at race Check In which opens at 06h00 – outside in the Race Village.
  • Race numbers will be emailed to all runners and will also be on show at Race Check In on the morning of the race.
  • Once you know your race number, proceed directly to your respective Bib collection desk and collect your Bib # with timing chip attached. Safety pins will be provided in your envelope.
  • Please check that all your data which is printed on the label of the race pack envelope is correct. This includes your name, age category, gender and distance and in the event of there being any errors, please let our registration staff know so we can change it for you, so you have the correct result when finishing the race.
  • Once you have done that, stay in the Race Village and wait for the race briefing from our Race Director Warren.
Race Day Program

Be checked in at least 20 minutes before the start of the race. There is NO Registration on the day.

06h00 – Race Check In Opens
06h50 – Race Check In Closes for all distances
06h55 – Race Briefing
07h00 – 10km Race Starts
07h05 – 5km Race Starts
07h10 – 2.5km Race Starts

Prize Giving
08h15 – 2.5km Prize Giving
08h30 – 5km Prize Giving
08h45 – 10km Prize Giving
09h00 – Cut off time for all races


Start Procedures
  • Please wait in the Race Village area till your distance is called to the Start Area and keep your mask on until you get to the start line.
  • The Start Area will be a social distanced grid of rows with 3 cones per row spaced 2m apart.
  • Runners to self-seed themselves with the first 5 rows only for recognised faster runners. 
  • Once the start siren goes, all rows will slowly walk toward the start line and only when you get to the start line will you be allowed to start running.
  • Once you cross over the start mats your race and time will start.
  • Chip times will be used for this race so that means your time will only start being recoreded once you cross the timing mats so it does not matter how far back you start.
End of Race Procedures
  • When crossing the finish line, please keep moving through the finish chute then you will receive your finishers medal and immediately put on your face mask.
  • Make sure to wear your mask once you have finished.
  • Scan the QR codes to see your result.
  • Hand your race number with timing chip in at the T-Shirt stand and collect your free shirt.
  • You will be given your snack voucher once you have left the finish chute. Proceed to the counter and collect your muffin and fruit juice or coffee/ tea.
  • Wait for Prize Distribution announcement if you are an Overall or Age Group winner.
Race Distances & Age Groups

Age Groups are calculated as per your age on race day. Male and Female categories for all age groups.

0 18 years  |  19 29 years  |  30 39 years  |  40 49 years  |  50 years+

0 18 years  |  19 29 years  |  30 39 years  |  40 49 years  |  50 years+

0 8 years  |  9 12 years  |  13 18 years  |  19 years+

Race Rules
  • Keep to the right-hand side of the road at all time – run in an anti clockwise direction.
  • 10km = 2 x laps
  • 5km and 2.5km = 1 x lap
  • You must have your run number visible on the front of your upper body or race clothing and keep it visible at all times when on the run course.
  • Your upper body must be covered at all times on the run portion of the race.
  • Shoes are compulsory.
  • No form of locomotion other than running, walking or crawling is allowed.
  • Parents wishing to run with their children – aged 12 years and under – may do so free of charge but will not receive a race time or position, nor medal, shirt or any of the give aways.
Race Results
  • Please scan the QR codes in the Race Village to view your result once you have finished running.
  • Full results will be on the Super Sports website as soon as possible at
Race BIB Numbers
  • Bibs must be worn on your upper body with the number facing outward.
  • Once finished racing, hand your race bib in at the T-Shirt stand and collect your free shirt.
  • Safety pins will be provided in your race envelope or bring your own race belt.
Timing Chips
  • Timing chips are attached to the back of your race bib.
  • Ensure your bib has 1 timing chip stuck to the back and if not, please see Super Sports staff on the day to issue you with a new bib. 



Prize Giving
  • Trophies and vouchers will be awarded to the top 3 male and females for the respective distances.
  • Medals will be awarded to the top 3 male and females for the respective distance age groups.
  • Overall winners will not be included in age group prizes so we can spread the prizes out amongst more people.
  • Remember to smile at the camera man, give them a smile or a thumbs up, especially when you cross the finish line.
  • Photos can be found on your results page by clicking on the CAMERA icon and then doing a bib or selfie search. 
  • Photos will be available 24 hours after the race has finished.
General Information

Finishers Medal 
When crossing the finish line, please keep moving through the finish chute then you will receive your finishers medal.

Complimentary Muffin & Drink
You will receive a voucher once you finish the race for a complimentary muffin and fruit juice which can be claimed immediately.

Athlete Refreshments / Water Stations
All water stations are self-service:
2.5k has 1 water station
5k has 2 water stations
10k has 4 water stations
1 x water station at the finish line.
Fruits at the finish line sponsored by Sharbatly Fruit

Race Course  |  2.5km  |  1 Lap

Race Course 
5km  |  1 Lap
10km  |  2 Laps

Directions to DUBAI SOUTH RUN

Dubai South Run


There is plenty of parking close to the start and finish line and Race Village Park.


Race Numbers will be available 36 hours before Race Day so please check back then!