La Mer
Open Water Swim Series

3.2km (3200m)  | 1600m (1 Mile)  |  800m  |  400m  |  200m

14 NOV 2020   |   13 MAR 2021

7.30am Start

About the Race

La Mer in Jumeirah 1 is the place to be for some challenging fun in the sea and for this season’s La Mer Open Water Swim Series. The south beach of La Mer will host the 200m, 400m, 800m, The Mile (1600m) and 3.2km. Enter once and swim in as many races as you want. Music, plenty of lifeguards out in the water and a real community spirit. Discount for all Family & Group Entries. Plenty of parking and easy to get to.

Event Co Sponsors

Covid Procedures
  • Keep a 2m social distance at all times.
  • Wear a disposable mask till just before you start and once you finished.
  • Stay in the Race Village area till your distance is called to the Start Area.
  • No gatherings / hugging / touching / group photos etc.
  • Any participants not observing any of the above rules will be disqualified without a warning!
Where to enter
  • Premier Online is Super Sports’ preferred registration partner. We always recommend purchasing the Protect Your Fee option when registering for any event through Premier Online.

  • Protect Your Fee ensures you receive a full refund no matter what the reason for cancelation, refunds are processed as per the terms and conditions stated on

Entry Fee
  • Adults (19yrs & over): AED175
  • Juniors (18yrs & under): AED125
  • Discounts are offered for families of 3 or more consisting of parents and children. Email for the family discount code.
  • There is NO on the day registration.
  • Swimmers may swim in as many races as they wish on the day for the same entry fee – except if doing the 3.2km as you can only do this one race.
  • Any participants cancelling their participation after the closing date or if the event sells out or who is a “no-show” on the day of the race will not receive a refund.
  • Participants cancelling their entry before closing date will have their entry carried over to the next race date.

Entry Fee Includes

  • Electronic Timing
  • Swim Cap
  • Finishers Medal
  • Downloadable Certificate
  • Fruits and Refreshments
Race Day Program
  • Be checked in at least 30 minutes before the start of your respective race.
  • No need to be there from the beginning when Race Check-In opens.
  • Once entered, you can swim in as many races as you choose to on the day except for 3.2km distance.

Individual Races
06h30:  Race Check-In Opens for All Events

07h30:  800 meters – All Ages

07h35:  3.2km – 14 to 99 years

08h00:  200 meters – 4 to 12 years only
08h30:  400 meters – All Ages

09h00:  Race Check-In for ALL races CLOSES

09h00:  Mile 1600 meters: All Ages

10h00:  Event Ends

Prize Distribution

No formal prize-giving ceremony will take place, Prize Winners will be notified on Sunday to collect their prizes from The Track, Meydan on Monday evening.


Race Distances & Age Groups

Age Groups are calculated as per your age on race day.
Male and Female categories for all age groups.

200m  |  0 – 8 years, 9 12 years (separate races for boy’s and girls)

400m  |  0 – 12 years, 13 18 years, 19 years+

800m  |  0 – 12 years, 13 18 years, 19 years+

1.6km  |  0 18 years, 19 – 39 years, 40 49 years, 50 years+ 

3.2km  |  14 – 18 years, 19 – 39 years, 40 – 49 years, 50 years+ 

Race Rules
  • All participants must be medically fit and compete at their own risk.
  • All events will take place irrespective of the weather conditions,unless organizers deem conditions to be unsafe.
  • No wetsuits or swimming aids will be allowed in any events unless otherwise informed
  • Swimmers will be disqualified for any of the following reasons:
    • Failing to obey organizers / officials / lifeguard instructions
    • Receiving external assistance during the course of the race
    • Unofficial substituting during relay events
    • Swimming the wrong course / laps
    • Any action that brings the event into disrepute
  • If your course involves 1 or more laps, you will need to passthrough the “GATE” in order to finish a lap and also for your last lap when exiting the water.
  • Swimmers may use any stroke to propel themselves through the water, and may tread water or float.
  • A participant may stand on the bottom or rest by holding an inanimate object such as a buoy, boat, rope or floating object.
  • A swimmer experiencing difficulty and in need of assistance must raise an arm overhead, pump it up and down, and call or seek assistance.
  • Swimmers, who have received assistance, whether voluntary or involuntary, must retire and withdraw from the remainder of the race, unless such assistance did not aid the swimmer in making forward progress.
  • No swimmer shall return to the race if the official rendering assistance requests that the participant withdraws from the race or receive medical assistance.
Start Procedures
  • Please wait in the open beach area till your distance is called to the Start Area and keep your mask on at all times till you get to the start line.
  • The Start Area will be a social distanced grid of rows with 3 cones per row spaced 2m apart.
  • Swimmers to self-seed themselves with the first 5 rows only for recognized faster swimmers.
  • Once the start siren goes, all rows will slowly walk toward the start line, remove your mask and throw them in designated bins close to the start mats, and only when you cross the start line will you be allowed to start running toward the water.
  • Once you cross over the start mats your race and time will start.
  • Chip times will be used for this race so that means your time will only start being recorded once you cross the timing mats so it does not matter how far back you start.
End-Of-Race Procedures
  • When crossing the finish line, please keep moving through the finish chute.
  • A new disposable mask will be given to you and please wear this immediately.
  • If you are participating in another swim then please wait to be called to the Start Area and if you have finished swimming for the day, return your timing chip and you will be presented with your Finishers Medal.
  • Prize Distribution will take palce after each swim distance is completed and results have been checked and prizes collected from the Prize Distribution area.
  • Unfortunately, these can not take place at this swim due to social distancing restrictions but we will definitely bring them back as soon as restrictions are lifted.
Swim Cap / Body Markings


All swimmers to wear the swim caps supplied by sponsor on the morning at Race Check In for identification and safety purposes when in the water.


Your respective race number will be marked on your LEFT upper arm and must correspond with your timing chip number.

Timing Chip
  • This will be handed out to you on the morning of the race at Race Check In and needs to be handed back once finished racing so that you can receive your finishers medal.
  • Chips to be worn on your LEFT ankle with the chip number facing outward.
  • Make sure the chip is fastened tightly so that it does not move or change position during the race.
  • TIP: If the velcro strap is not long / tight enough, use a safety pin to adjust the length to keep the strap / chip in place and tight on your leg.
Athlete Refreshments

There will be a self-service water and fruit station close to the exit of the finish area sponsored by Emirates Water and Sharbatly Fruit respectively.

General Information

FINISHERS MEDALS will be presented to you once you return your timing chip after your last swim.

WATER STATIONS can be found at the finish area along with fruits sponsored by Sharbatly Fruit.

REFRESHMENTS FOR ALL These will be on sale on the morning at respective restaurants in the area.

TOILETS can be found in and around the area.

AMBULANCE Rescue boats, lifeguards, paramedics and an ambulance will all be present on the day for safety and support services. In the event of you needing assistance, please wave your hands in the air and rescue and medical staff will be there to assist you.


Race Results

Full results will be on the Super Sports website as soon as the last race has finished

Prize Giving
  • No formal prize-giving ceremony will take place, Prize Winners will be notified on Sunday to collect their prizes from The Track, Meydan on Monday evening.
  • If you cannot make it to the prize collection, please ask a friend to collect on your behalf.
  • Trophies and vouchers will be awarded to the top 3 males and females for the respective distances.
  • Medals will be awarded to the top 3 males and females for the respective distance age groups.
  • Overall winners will not be included in age group prizes so we can spread the prizes out amongst more people.
  • Remember to smile at the camera man, give them a smile or a thumbs up, especially when you cross the finish line.
  • Photos can be found on your results page by clicking on the CAMERA icon and then doing a selfie search.
  • Photos will be available 72 hours after the race has finished.

Swim Course

Registration & Parking

Venue Location

Directions to La Mer

La Mer South Beach, Dubai, UAE


Refer to race maps for parking.
there’s plenty of parking in La Mer area.


Race Numbers will be available 36 hours before Race Day so please check back then!