MyLAPS Timing & Scoring

Super Sports Timing Services currently use the MYLAPS hardware and software to time races / events.

Every year, over 20 million racers and athletes perform in MYLAPS-timed contests, such as: Olympics, NASCAR, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Boston Marathon, Giro d’Italia, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Ironman Triathlon, IFMAR, Super GT Japan, EFRA, FIA WEC Endurance Championship, FIA Formula E and WSBK World Superbikes, as well as countless amateur and community based events worldwide.

MYLAPS then turns their data into insights, progress and fun results. Through this competitors are offered a better understanding of their performance and help them with identifying what their next best steps would be.

Benefits of using Super Sports Timing Services


  • Allows your staff to concentrate on event and not worry about timing / results
  • Accurate times per competitor
  • “Instant” results
  • Split times
  • Calculation of points per Team / Company if needed
  • Online downloadable certificate with event name, competitor name, time and position
  • Facebook posting is also available and allows you to share your result with all your family and friends.

Super Sports Timing Services will offer you the following on race day


  • Timing Manager & Assistant.
  • Timing Equipment Rental.
  • Super Sports timing tags / bibs – up to 1000 participants*
  • Start / Finish and split timing points up to a max of 5 timing points.
  • Results tablets for athlete access near finish line to check time and position within 2 minutes of crossing the finish line.
  • Hard copy of provisional results per race distance as soon as last competitor has finished the respective distance.
  • Online downloadable certificate – art work supplied by organiser as per specifications, for competitor download, once final results are posted on SS website.
  • Facebook posting available.
  • 2G/3G/4G data feed from timing points for “instant” leader board.
  • Mobile Wi-Fi network.
  • Certificate with event name, competitor name, time and position


   If you have your own branded running bibs, disposable timing chips will need to be ordered and attached to the back of the bibs at aed10 per bib

   It is the organisers responsibility to distribute the tags / bibs before the race and to collect all tags / bibs after the race.

   Any SS tags / bibs used and not returned will be charged for at AED75 per tag and aed10 per bib.


Overall Results Page


  • Here you will find all the competitors in order as they finish the race per race distance.
  • By clicking on an individuals name you will see all their personal results.
  • By clicking on VIEW RESULTS, a full list of all finished competitors for that distance will appear.

Individual Results Page


  • By clicking on the individuals name on the Overall Results Page, all the personal results of the respective competitor will be displayed here.
  • Online certificates can be downloaded from here as well as sharing your result on Facebook.

Downloadable Online Certificate

Once on an individual competitors results, the option for their certificate will be visible and by clicking on it, a pdf version will open and then can print / share from there.

MyLaps Tag System


Main features of the BibTag System are:

  • Works for running, cycling and multisports events like triathlons, aquathlons and obstacle course races
  • Unlimited number of participants and split points
  • Modular mats can cover roads up to 16 meters wide
  • The highest read-rates in the industry

The BibTag Decoder

  • The decoder is attached to the mats and decodes the BibTag signals into the athletes IDs and their measured times.
  • Portable decoders have an integrated battery and can measure up to 50 BibTag passings per second. The system is especially designed for mass events and can handle a high density of athletes.

BibTag Detection Mats


  • Detection mats are placed at the start, finish and intermediate timing locations.
  • The mats serve as the system’s antennas and detect the signals sent out by the BibTags.
  • We offer modular mats that allow you to create timing locations between 1 and 8 meters wide per system.

Side Antennas


  • The easiest mat in the industry is no mat at all!
  • After years of testing and refining, MYLAPS has launched Side Antennas! MYLAPS Side Antennas are perfectly suitable for timing all sorts of active sports like running, cycling and mountain biking.

Bib Tags


  • The BibTag is attached to the back of the runner’s BIB number and sends out a unique signal.
  • Each tag sends out a unique UHF signal that enables the detection mats to identify the athlete and record the exact time at which the athlete passes the mat.
  • The tags are designed to withstand rain and sweat as the mechanical part of the tag is covered by a foam spacer.
  • Reliable timing solution for mass events.
  • BibTag on start number (IAAF standard)
  • No post-race handling
  • Minimum pre-race handling
  • Offering a unique pay-per-use model
  • Reliability: >99.80%
  • Lightweight
  • UHF technology

MYLAPS MultiSports Tags


  • These tags are owned by timers or events and handed out to athletes at an event.
  • There are two versions of the MultiSports Tags, a disposable and a reusable one.
  • The reusables can be collected, washed, stored, and used again after every event.
  • Both tags feature the same benefits, but the reusable tags are made from longer-lasting and easily cleanable materials.
  • Both MultiSports Tags consist of 100% soft material for optimal comfort, have 3 integrated tags and are worn as a bracelet around the ankle.
  • They can be worn underneath a wetsuit (max. 5 mm.) without performance loss in detection rate and accuracy.
  • Reusable MultiSports Tag
    • Consists of a foam layer for optimal comfort, a start number for easy identification and a Velcro strap on the outside to secure the tag.
    • The reusable MultiSports Tag can be used in chlorinated and salt water.
  • The disposable MultiSports TagConsists of a foam strap with a Tyvek layer that has a start number printed on it.
    • An adhesive strip at the end of the strap makes application easy.
    • The disposable tag minimizes pre and post-race handling: participants can keep the tag as a souvenir.
    • Easy to use