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Super Sports Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy offers top quality coaching with an individual approach, in a friendly, caring and safe environment for girls aged 5 years old and above. With the most experienced, respectful and highest standard of coaching we aim to develop our students into even more healthy, confident and graceful young ladies.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is magical


Rhythmic Gymnastics is a beautiful sport for women. The blend of art and elegance, paired with the performance of difficult acrobatic movements requiring strength and high flexibility are the cornerstone of Rhythmic Gymnastics. The elements of ballet, dance and handheld apparatus choreographed in perfect harmony to music all combine to tell a spellbinding story. Started in The Soviet Union in 1960 Rhythmic Gymnastics is one of the most attractive of athletic disciplines, uniting ladies from around the globe.

If you love expressing yourself to music, there is no better feeling than commanding a Rhythmic Gymnastics routine…the ribbon flows elegantly around you, the hoop flies high above and the ball rolls effortlessly over your body. You are not only a gymnast, you are an expression of a flawless beauty – it’s just you, the music and one piece of apparatus bringing your performance to life.

As you are taking your first steps learning how to move gracefully while incorporating basic skills and techniques, you’ll be performing a routine without apparatus (freehand routine). As your abilities improve, you’ll start putting more complex moves together and incorporate apparatus into your performance – the Rope, the Hoop, the Ball, the Clubs or the Ribbon.

Rhythmic gymnastics training is very physically demanding with the ability to perform effortlessly taking time and effort to master.

Our Training Program includes

The main characteristics of Rhythmic Gymnastics are a combination of challenging acrobatic elements which require high flexibility and coordination skills with handheld apparatus.

Ballet forms a fundamental part of Rhythmic Gymnastics. Classical ballet, sports ballet and dance choreography skills are required in all rhythmic gymnastics elements.

Rhythmic Gymnastics provides the perfect platform for girls to enjoy the life enhancing benefits of gymnastics, ballet and dance. In addition to developing their craft confidence is boosted as abilities improve through our empowering lessons.

Rythmic Gymnastics Academy

Lesson Types
  • Beginners – girls aged  4.5yrs to 5yrs: an introduction to Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG)
  • Advanced – girls aged 5yrs to 7yrs: For those who are serious about mastering RG
  • Elite Competition Group – girls aged 5yrs to 7yrs & 7yrs to 14yrs.
Lesson Payments
  • All payments are due in advance and can be paid in cash or by cheque
  • Monthly payments will attract a 10% additional charge
  • Annual registration fee AED 200 inclusive of club T-shirt and leggings
Cancellation of Lesson
  • Lessons will be credited if cancelled by your coach
  • Lessons will not be credited or catch up classes offered if the student cannot attend
General Information
  • Lessons will continue throughout the year, excluding Public and Eid holidays, unless notification is received that there will be lessons on those days
  • Please complete and sign the registration form and hand it back to your coach as soon as possible

Al Noor Training Centre Sports Hall


Gyuzel MacLaren

Head Coach


Russian Federation

Super Sports Joining Date

September 2019

Personal Achievements

An extensive gymnastics background of 10 years as a highly accomplished gymnast and 30 years of professional coaching experience.

Artistic Gymnastics choreography coach at the prestigious Youth Olympic Reserve School, Ufa, training the Republic’s National Team for four years as a coach and judge while representing the team at the Championships throughout Russia and International tournaments.

Coaching Qualifications

Honours Degree from the renowned Russian Federation Ural’s State University of Physical Education and Sport

Certificate in Physiotherapy; Ural’s State University of Physical Education and Sport

Additional Training Certificates

Coaching Webinar for RG coaches – 03.2020, Moscow Vinner Center of RG

FIG Code of Points 2017-2021 course of lecture – 05.2020 Moscow, Vinner Center of RG

Intensive Coaches Course 07-08.2020 – E. Pirozhkova – PhD Sports, coach of National Russian team

Practical Coaching Webinar for RG coaches – 08.2020, Moscow Vinner Center of RG

Advanced Training – RG Coach “innovative system for gymnastic competition preparation as per rules of the FIG 2017-2020; 2017, Moscow

FIG Code of Points 2017-2020 RG – course of lectures (theory and practice) for Judges RG; 2017 – Moscow

Training Methods; routines composition; Choreography – in line with FIG CoP 2017-2020; 2018 Moscow

FIG CoP updates- BD techniques; Apparatus and Body training

Safeguarding & protecting children 2016

Child abuse and exploitation awareness 2012

Certificates from Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019:

Certified Technical Official (Judge) – completion of Rhythmic Gymnastics Technical

Official workshop course: of Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019


Gyuzel has earned a highly reputable name in Rhythmic Gymnastics within the UAE; having lived and worked in Dubai over twenty years she is highly culturally aware in ensuring she understands the needs of girls from many different backgrounds.

With her bright personality, outstanding interpersonal skills and a passion for coaching, she has an intimate understanding of how to get the best out of each individual and ensure every child excels.

She is constantly working on enriching her outstanding skills and knowledge by frequently attending advanced training programs, international seminars and courses.

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